The mission of St. John Bosco School is to educate youth academically and spiritually in the Catholic, Salesian tradition of Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness. St. John Bosco School is a school where children . . .. . . love to Learn . . . . . . and learn to Love.In the Catholic Salesian tradition of St. John Bosco School, a student is formed in:

REASON – Loving to be life-long learners

– knowledge of steps for making good choices- proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking- skilled use of library and media- competence in mathematics- scientific and technological literacy- appreciation of the arts

RELIGION – Loving God

– forming a good conscience- knowing the basic doctrines of our Fait- translating Gospel values into responsible citizenship- experiencing various forms of prayer and worship- respecting Godís creation and all levels and stages of life- loving and honoring Mary as Godís and as our Mother

LOVING KINDNESS – Loving one another

– reverencing Godís gift of self and family- living a healthy life-style- utilizing talents and resources in service of others- exhibiting care and cooperation- demonstrating good manners in all relationships- valuing forgiveness and reconciliation