At St. John Bosco School, we find the very reason for our existence to be in the integral education of youth. We are committed to transmitting our Catholic and Salesian heritage to our students and enabling them to experience the gospel in daily life. We therefore, “fully enter into the saving mission of the Church, especially in the need for education in the faith.” 1We recognize that “parents are the first and foremost educators of their children.” 2 Our purpose, then, as Catholic, Salesian educators, is to serve as partners with parents whose teachings and formation are in harmony with Catholic doctrine and Salesian values.Together as an educating community – students, parents, teachers, staff, and Sisters – we can offer a true education that is able “to integrate religious truth and values with life” 3 and form in the students a sense of belonging, not only to the school but also to “the parish, the neighborhood, the local civic community, and the world, and begin to respond to the obligation of Christian service through joint action.” 4We also believe that the specific function of a Catholic, Salesian School is to develop the human powers of each student – religious, moral, academic, psychological, cultural, social, physical, and aesthetic – thus preparing our youth “to open themselves more and more to reality and to form in themselves a clear ideal of life.” 5As Salesian educators, we strive to follow the educational approach of St. John Bosco, by creating schools with a family spirit, emphasizing reason, religion and loving kindness, in a positive atmosphere of discipline, friendliness, and cheerfulness.  In St. John Bosco’s own words, we aim to form our children to be “good Christians and upright citizens, empowering them with a joyful vision and hope of a better world.” 1 The Catholic School, #92 Lay Catholics in Schools: Witness to Faith, #123 To Teach As Jesus Did, #1054 Ibid, #1095 The Catholic School, #31